Yes, I am a Farmer and I’m on Vacation 

Finding balance in life as a farmer can be difficult. And the same goes for just about any lifestyle occupation. We can’t just invest in one area of life, like work, and expect the other areas of life, like family, health, etc., to remain healthy and valuable to us. So this year I am trying to be more purposeful in investing in my family. If something costs me nothing can I expect it to be worth anything? So one thing I am trying to do is take a planned family vacation in winter and then summer. Even short and simple it can help me take me time to enjoy my family, rest in God’s provision, and reflect on my life.

It takes planning and sacrifice (on our part and others), but we are grateful this week to be hanging out as a family at the guest house of some good friends in Florida. I think this is the first time we have done something like this and it has been so good. My boys have loved it!  And my wife and I have as well.

Rest is important as we rely on God’s provision. As a farmer this can be hard with all the responsibilities and pressure, but it is essential if we are to be faithful. I am glad God is slowly helping me realize this.

Signing off now so I can get back to the family!

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