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  1. Hello dear ones in the LORD,
    many greetings to you all in HIS HOLY name.
    A servent of GOD here, M,67,serving the LORD since since 5th sept.1964,
    in india, The founder and director of CROWN OUTREACH MINISTRIES,
    with the GOAL of reach the un-reached, with HIS Gosple and plant the churches,
    romans,15v20, planted 70,Churches so far and 70,pastors are serving along
    with me.and my life time goal is to plant 500 churchs.

    Beside the Church service we are also
    working for the destitute,disabled,widows and the aged, with the motive
    of show them the Christian love in action and lead them unto the SAVIOUR.
    .matt 25:35-40 and james 1:27.By HIS grace we are giving them free food
    and the accomedation,and free education and reahabilitating them

    Theses benevolent services i have started out of my own bitter experances,
    i lost my father when i was just “11and half years” of old, my father
    was a preacher and he was killed becouse of his strong preachings,on 17th,
    jan.1961,hence me and my 4 younger sisters and 1 younger brother became orphans
    and had to take care of them, for being a yelder son of the family.

    And I myself is a polio effected desabled man, and my mother remained
    widow for more than 35 years, with lot of seferings, with tears.
    Here is my humble request to all of you that,please pray for me, and for
    the ministries here and stand by us,and if the LORD permits you please support
    us financially and let us be the part of your supported ministries
    The BIBLE has given me a award called “THE DIMOND OF CHRIST”
    becouse of my 50 years HIS service,in HIS vineard and for the benevolent
    services amonge the needy people here,so pleae accept my humbel request,and the apeal
    and stand by me and our ministry here,and if possible plz visit our ministry here.
    i will be waiting eagarly to hear from you.
    if the LORD permitts you plz make your checks, or money order in the payable to
    The directo,CROWN OUTREACH MINISTRIES. and send it to the below address,

    your fellow servent of JESUS
    rev. k. vinod kumar

    to the director
    prakash nagar
    kurnool 518004, india
    pho. 0091-93473 63303.

    the abbreviation of CROWN


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