Faith and Farming Giveaway! Win a Copy of Born-Again Dirt!

How does your faith in Jesus impact your farming, gardening, or homesteading? What are the biggest challenges you face as you seek to honor God in agriculture? I would love to hear your answers to these questions and am hosting a giveaway drawing for those who participate!

So please look over the details below and comment and share to enter the giveaway. I look forward to hearing your answers!

First Prize: A physical copy of my book, Born-Again Dirt, Farming to the Glory of God, with a foreword by Joel Salatin!

This book can help challenge your thinking regarding how we look at agriculture as Christians. It addresses questions like, “What does God want us to grow?”, “Does is matter what methods we use?”, “Can you make a living farming?”, and “Does God care about farming?”

Second Prize: PDF Version of Born-Again Dirt, Farming to the Glory of God.

Get a PDF version of Born-Again Dirt delivered to your email to read at your convenience!

Third Prize: My daily time-budget work sheet that allows me to realistically get done everything on my to-do list!

I am so guilt of trying to get done more than the time God has given me allows. So this tool has helped me to realistically budget the time I have each day and actually come up with a to-do list I can get done!

Giveaway details:

Duration: The deadline for entry will be 4:00 PM CST, Friday, February 16th, 2018. Winners will be announced by the following week.

How to Enter:

  1. Answer the following questions in the comments below.
    1. How does your faith in Jesus impact your agriculture?
    2. What are the biggest challenges you face as you seek to honor God in agriculture?
    3. What type of agricultural training resources from a biblical worldview would be most helpful to you? Books? Videos? Online Courses? Podcast? Live trainings?
  2.  Share this post with others through email, social media, or in person. Tell how you shared in your comment.

Who can Enter:
-Anyone. However, the first prize of a physical copy of my book is only available to those in the USA. If the first place winner is outside the USA I will send an electronic copy.

How the winners will be chosen:
-The winners will be randomly selected from the eligible entries and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place determined by the order they are drawn.

6. How the winner will be notified
-The winners will be notified using the email provided when they leave a comment. If no response is heard back within a week another winner will be chosen.

7. How the prizes will be delivered.
-First place book will be shipped to the winners address (or an electronic version provided via email if winner is outside the USA). Second and Third place will be provided via email.

Thanks so much for participating!

6 thoughts on “Faith and Farming Giveaway! Win a Copy of Born-Again Dirt!

  1. Our faith in Jesus in farming begin with our attendance at your seminar on redeeming the dirt over a year ago. My wife and I are born again Christians who love working with the earth and you showed us that it is through the Word of God that we should plant and care for the grounds we cultivate. We understand that we are stewards of the land that God has provided us. Jesus is the one we thank everyday for guidance and assistance in working with our small garden. We thank Him with prayer and song while we work.

    The greatest challenges we face is the proper way to administer the soil and land we watch over based on the Bible and His word and understanding that
    our faith will help show us the way. As each day brings us a fullness in the Lord as we work, we try to understand that each day’s challanges us to accept the goodness He provides. He knows all and there is a greater plan that He has for us.

    The videos would probably be the best method for our continuing education in keeping the path of praising and love for the Lord.

    We share through our Facebook friends and discuss with our friends one on one.

  2. Fully combining our faith with our homesteading begin to really happen after we attended your first conference, was it four years ago?
    Currently our circumstances have changed and we are not homesteading. I am seeking a position ethics an organization where I would plan the community garden and would be allowed to talk about Jesus! I am praying for this position and how I can demonstrate the principals you taught in this setting.
    I love podcasts, so they would’ve the ideal hourchunks if encouragement I could listen to and learn from anywhere.
    Thanks, Noah and family, for what you do!

  3. My faith in Christ has always been something I thought about when choosing the methods to use in Agriculture, but the two didn’t become one until my sister and I attended last years live training at Rora Valley Farms. It was there that I realized great things could be accomplished for Christ’s sake through agriculture and farming God’s way. My biggest challenge though, would be losing joy by getting too caught up in the details. I think the most helpful resource for us would be the videos, but there is nothing like the live trainings!

    I shared this through Pinterest and word of mouth. Thank you for writing faithfully each week on your blog!

  4. I love farming so much as much as I know God is the Great Gardener of our lives. The wheat and the tares inspire me to do the best I can to serve Jesus and face the many challenges that comes with farming. I like books and videos. God bless

  5. We are career missionaries working among the Quechua people group in the Andes of Peru. They are subsistence farmers and depend on every seed they put into the ground to supply their family needs. Since we have been here for 14 yrs we have learned much from them and their culture but also observed many things which may be helpful for them as well as the soil.

    Our main purpose is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all we come in contact with. In so doing we have learned that we need to be incarnation in the way we do bring the Gospel in their lives.

    This Quechua in general are Catholic by culture along with animistic beliefs which combined leads to a synchronistic belief.

    How does your faith in Jesus impact your agriculture?
    Knowing that their is only one true God who is our creator and has created all for His glory I desire to both care for the creation he has blessed us with using methods that will both honor Him , bless those here on earth ( in our case the Quechua people) and further give testimony to who God is and how he desires us to live. I teach the Quechua principles from the Bible focusing on God’s character, who He is and the Gospel of Jesus Christ .

    What are the biggest challenges you face as you seek to honor God in agriculture?
    I have been using Conservation Agriculture methods here in the mountains of Peru for the last two years and have much to learn. A few of the major challenges we face here are the drastic climate changes for instance excessive rain of scarcity of rain fall at the right time in order that crops will develop enough before dry season begins. We live in a high altitude Semi-Tropical mountainous area ( 10,500 ft. above sea level with upward elevations to 15,000) where planting is being done. Soil quality and maintaining sufficient content are areas we concentrate on. Utilizing organic compost material as an alternative to Synthetic fertilizer is one way we try to care for the soil with long term vision of developing better soil quality and more production of crops per hectare. We emphasize but are not legalistic about no-till farming.
    What type of agricultural training resources from a biblical worldview would be most helpful to you? We are always looking for materials that are in Spanish with books and videos. On line courses and podcasts. The most effective would be on-site live training. I am currently looking for young single men who would be willing to dedicate 2-3 years here in Peru and implement the training that we are trying to use in the field. They must be willing to learn or presently capable of speaking Spanish.
    I share though Facebook ,e-mails and word of mouth.

    Books? Videos? Online Courses? Podcast? Live trainings?

  6. Once we realized that God is interested and involved even in our farming it didn’t really change how we farmed but our attitude about how we farmed. It made us realize we needed a more holistic approach to life. That we are serving God in our church, in our community and on our farm.
    One of the biggest challenges in honoring God in agriculture on our farm is not letting all the work consume all our time. There is always so much work to be done on the farm. One can work from sunup to sundown and still not get it all done. So we work not to let stress of situations or lack of time cause conflict in relationships. We also try to set the right priorities. Some times this even involves not doing a job on farm or at least not right now. It’s important to take time to minister to people. People and relationships are more important than getting that task done and sometimes we loose sight of that.
    Books, videos, on line training and podcast would all be great training tools. Its really hard to leave the farm to do live trainings.
    I will share this post on Facebook.

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