Hands-On Christian Agricultural Courses coming 2017

This year we are excited about the growing season! God has been so good to us. Here in Alabama we are already planting early crops and laying out the gardens for the spring. Our family is particularly enjoying working on our homestead and family gardens around our house, in addition to our market gardens. We are also learning a few new skills, like how to butcher rabbits. With my boys growing up it is a blessing to be able to spend the day working with them and my wife!

We are planning on offering some basic hands-on, agricultural courses based in a Biblical worldview this year at our farm. Info regarding schedule, dates, and signup will be posted soon. If this is something you might be interested in let me know in the comment section. There will be three different types:

Level One: The Backyard Gardener

DSC_0090-1If you are a beginner or have never grown any of your own food before these classes will help equip you to produce some of your own food. Topics covered may include:

-Soil Agronomy
-Seed Starting
-Garden Planning
-Seed Saving



Level Two: The Homesteader


If you have experience growing some of your own food, but are interested in diversifying and eventually producing most of your own food, then these classes will help expand your skills and management abilities. Topics covered may include:DSC_0305-1
-Field Crops
-Food Preservation


Level Three: The Market Farmer

sellingIf you have been successful in growing your own food and would like to pursue producing income with your skills, these classes will teach you how to add commercial “cash crops” on top of your self-production. Topics covered may include:enochbaskets








-Food production as a business
-Good Cash Crops: Vegetables, Blueberries, Meat Chickens, Eggs, Pork.
-Record Keeping
-Profitable Management

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As we are working on the details of the 2016 Redeeming the Dirt Conference we are getting excited! We can’t wait to see everyone and hear from Joel Salatin, Brian Oldreive, and more! Be prepared to get dirty making compost and participating in the outdoor training classes!

For planning purposes it would help us out a lot to get people signed up as soon as possible. As a way of saying thank you for anyone signing up between now and the end of August we are offering a special promo code good for 20% off your registration fee. Just use coupon code RTD20 when you register. Coupon is only good through the end of August.

If you have any questions regarding details of the conference please feel free to contact us using our contact page.

Be sure to explore all the conference info under the menu heading at the top of this page.

Please make sure you tell any friends and family that might be interested in coming to join us in October! One of our attendees last year said that the one thing they would recommend doing differently this year is to invite more people! Share on Facebook or Twitter and receive $1 off when you register!

In case you can’t find the link, this is the page you need to go to for REGISTERING:


Please be praying for all the planning and details that go into putting on an event like this. Also pray that the Lord would help get the word out so that those he wants to come would be able to hear about it. We are so thankful to the Lord for working out the details to make this event possible and look forward to what he does in our hearts through it!


Registration Open for the 2016 Redeeming the Dirt Conference!

Registration is now open for the 2016 Redeeming the Dirt Conference, October 7-8th, 2016! Come join us as we seek the Lord together and hear encouraging messages from people like Joel Salatin, Brian Oldreive, and more!

Also consider signing up for the In-Depth training being held afterward at my farm in Goodwater, Alabama. Space for that event is very limited. You can also sign up for a special lunch with Joel Salatin that will help raise funds for the poor of Africa through the “I Was Hungry” ministry.

We look forward to seeing you in October!

Click here to Register!