Reviews from Previous Redeeming the Dirt Conferences

What a life changing event.  We heard about the conference from Chuck Bentley’s newsletter.  It was providential timing as we knew about FfF through Crown and were hoping to meet them in person some day.  We almost didn’t see the announcement, but when we did, we knew it was from the Lord and we had to go!  We were not disappointed, and it was well worth our time away from our small homestead and business.  Brian and Craig are very humble men and we learned just by observing and listening to them  Noah and his family are very gracious, and we greatly appreciate them initiating and leading the conference.  The camp was wonderful as well.  What great food!  There is much work to do, but it is great kingdom work.  As Noah said, “Our career is Christ.”  To His Glory. – Larry

Noah is an extraordinary young man. Amazingly gifted and filled with God’s goodness. There is so much one can learn from him. His family also shines and is a model for all those who want to learn. I was fully aware of FfF as I worked along side them in Zimbabwe. Hearing and meeting Noah made be think of a younger Brian Oldreive. They along with many other Zimbabweans are my heroes. But there are also many heroes in the states too. Richard Davis had an amazing story to share and his testimony touched my heart. – Julie

The conference changed (deepened) my faith in the Lord and changed how I view FFF.  My church has been implementing the FFF methods for several years now but after the conference I feel we were barely scratching the surface of the meaning and focused on the technical aspects.  Yes, there are technical aspects,  but the faith and foundations behind the technical aspects were barely nicked. I sort of compare it to this: The only way I could explain it was sort of like. ….when you first come to Jesus and the Lord and try to live a Christian life you look at the Bible as a rule book. That is how we first perceived  FFF. But after you give your heart to the Lord and realize Christ is in your heart and the Bible is not a set of rules but instead teachings and testimonies of living a Christian life and God’s sacrifice so we could live a life of sharing His word and living His teachings …the rigidity is gone and you lead from Christ in your heart and soul. ….that is how the messages in Alabama reached me regarding FFF. The garden is a small piece of the big plan of sharing the Lord’s word. – Sonja

The Redeeming the Dirt Conference was a fantastic weekend. The opportunity to meet with fellow believers who share both a passion for God and a passion for farming was invigorating and refreshing. The emphasis placed on our role as stewards and servants of God stimulated a great degree of introspection in not only how I farm and garden, but also how I manage the other resources God has given me in this life such as time, money, and relationships. I left encouraged, enlivened, and challenged. – Stewart

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